7 Common Defects Found During New Construction Inspections

7 Common Defects Found During New Construction Inspections

Many home buyers are unsure of why they need a home inspection for a newly constructed property. While purchasing a newly built home assures that you will have fewer problems, it doesn’t mean the house is in perfect condition.

New Construction Inspections

Builders are usually quite skilled at their work, but specific issues can go unnoticed; which could have significant financial and safety impacts. Therefore, to avoid potential issues in your brand new home, schedule a new construction inspection as soon as possible.


Here are 7 defects that are commonly detected by professional home inspectors, during new construction inspections:

Structural Issues

Premature cracking and distortions in foundation walls can occur when builders overlook proper curing time for concrete which is required for poured and block foundation structures. Wrong framing techniques, which might be invisible initially, can lead to crack formations in the drywall.

Roofing Issues

Defective roofing is commonly seen in a new home during the home inspection. Occasionally, shingles are found to be wrongly installed. Other roofing problems that can lead to premature deterioration of the roof include roof leaks, faulty/no flashings, nail pops, and missing ventilation.

Plumbing Issues

Plumbing issues like leaks shouldn’t be ignored because they cause severe property damage and mold issues that are also dangerous to your health. A few other plumbing defects observed by home inspectors include leaking fixtures, dripping faucets, slow or clogged drains, and more.

Electrical Issues

Electrical defects are most commonly found in homes, old or new. They should be considered serious because they can cause injuries, fire, or safety hazards. Some of the electrical concerns to watch out for in new home constructions are incorrectly wired outlets, reversed polarity, missing switch plates, and more.

Drainage Issues

One of the most common defects seen in newly constructed homes is poor a drainage system. Insufficient flow of stormwater may mean the gutters needs to be reorganized. Drainage defects can cause a lot of damage to your yard and house, so you should have both interior and exterior drainage systems inspected.

Attic Insulation Issues

A new construction inspection will check your attic to see whether or not it is properly insulated and that there are no open spots that may make the attic floor visible. With a properly insulated attic, your home will remain comfortable, healthy, and energy efficient throughout.

Grading Issues

Incorrect grading is another common issue observed during new home construction inspections. Ideally, grading should slope away from the house to keep the home foundation dry. With improper grading, water tends to accumulate near the house and over time, it penetrates the basement and crawlspace. This results in considerable property damage and expensive repairs. It’s always better to detect these new construction defects before it’s too late! Contact us today at 509-307-8493 to schedule your home inspection and get back your peace of mind!


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