8 Things You Should Know About Home Inspections

8 Things You Should Know About Home Inspections

For most people buying a home can be really stressful. On top of it, the process of home inspection service can prove to be somewhat terrifying. But don’t let the stress of the inspection get to you. A team effort with your home inspector is needed to make the home inspection process simpler and more effective.

Home Inspection 

Knowledge is key, so here are eight important things for you to keep in mind about home inspection services:

  1. You Need One

    You have to have a home inspection regardless of whether you’re purchasing a resale home or building a new one from scratch. Home inspections highlight the positives, the negatives, and what absolutely needs repaired before you commit to purchasing. Not to mention, if you are taking a loan out to purchase the home your mortgage company will require a home inspection before closing on your loan.
  2. Check for Certification

    You must choose a certified professional for your home inspection. Home inspectors are trained specifically to determine problems. You can ask your Realtor for recommendations authorized inspector or do the research yourself.
  3. Do Research

    It’s your responsibility to do thorough research, even if you plan to use your Realtor’s recommendation. Consider looking at online reviews, inspector certification and pricing to determine the right inspector for you.
  4. Know What Inspections Cover

    A home inspection is normally a non-encroaching visual examination of the approachable areas of a house. The visual examination involves the foundation, exterior, roofing, plumbing, and so on.
  5. Attend Your Home Inspection

    As a buyer, you should attend your home inspection. It will take a fair amount of time inspecting the property both from inside and outside. This will allow you to ensure you get your money’s worth and let you have the option to ask questions.
  6. Negotiate Home Repairs

    On the basis of the results of inspection findings, you can determine whether to go ahead with the current home purchasing or not. You can either choose to negotiate with the seller to have the cost of some large repairs covered or get a credit covering the costs yourself, after closing the deal.
  7. You Can Back Out

    You have the advantage of backing out of a sale if the inspection report confirms some disastrous issue, or if you aren’t in agreement with the seller’s repair terms.
  8. Remember the Paperwork

    Maintain a handy record of all the bills and the inspection report for future use. The report can help you to negotiate repairs and enable you to ask questions regarding problematic areas.

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