A Useful Home Inspection Checklist to Guide You in Buying a Property

A home comprises of many intricate elements including structural framework, physical components, and so on. Home inspections are intended to reveal flaws in the property that could physically impact its safety, functionality or resale value. This is the reason a comprehensive home inspection is necessary and worthwile. A home inspection checklist can be handy to help you get through the home inspection process conveniently.

Home Inspection Checklist

If you are considering buying a home then you must ensure that all beneath the surface is safe and sound. Hire a professional home inspection provider to get a visual scrutiny of the easily-reachable areas of the home to receive a precise evaluation of the home's overall status. A home inspection checklist can be handy to help you get through the home inspection process conveniently.

Here is a convenient home inspection checklist to guide you in your analysis of your residential property's overall status:


  • Sound condition of driveway, sidewalks and retaining walls
  • Crack-free walkways, driveway or stairs
  • Patios and decks in proper condition
  • Steps and railings safe and secure
  • Fencing and gates well-preserved and waterproofed
  • No visible signs of flooding


  • No moisture in foundation
  • Reservoir pump in working condition
  • No visible signs of mold or mildew
  • No cracks in the foundation
  • No damage to the wooden structures


  • No roof leakage
  • Gutters in good condition
  • Flashing and vents in satisfactory condition
  • Chimney in safe condition


  • No apparent leaks in the attic
  • Adequately insulated and ventilated
  • No signs of animals present in the attic


  • Adequate water pressure
  • Proper washer and dryer connection
  • Good water drainage facility
  • Relief valve on the water heater


  • No cracks in the exterior walls
  • Eves present and trim in shape
  • Well-maintained landscaping
  • Exterior faucets intact
  • Exterior paint in good condition


  • No cracks or other damage seen on walls
  • Leveled floors and no water stains present
  • All windows are safe and secure
  • Proper door function
  • Stairs have a safe handrail
  • Sound smoke alarms

Heating & Cooling

  • Decently functioning heating and cooling system
  • Proper heat and air distribution
  • Filter condition satisfactory
  • Proper electrical circuit protection for the individual unit


  • All fixtures working normally
  • No exposed wiring, no missing cover plates
  • Adequate electrical current
  • Distribution safe and adequate

Kitchen & Bathrooms

  • No signs of sink leakage
  • Counter-tops in good condition
  • No leaking or running toilets
  • All appliances functional
  • Bathroom ventilator in good order

Worthy Inspection Services, LLC

Worthy Inspection Services provides complete and affordable home inspection services in Central Washington. Our goal is to provide exceptional home maintenance and inspection services while maintaining quality, integrity and convenience. We are committed to providing honest, unbiased information to help our clients make an informed decision about their property.

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