8 Common Radon Myths Debunked and the Truth Behind Them

The colorless, odorless radon gas forms when radioactive metals like uranium, radium, or thorium break down in the groundwater, soil, or rock. It can enter your home through cracks and gaps in the floors and walls, causing health issues. While some people are unaware of radon effects, others say radon cannot be fixed and won't affect certain areas of the country. Wondering what is true and what is not? Read on to find out.

Radon Myths Debunked

Myth 1 – Radon Is Harmless

While the CDC says prolonged exposure to radon gas can cause lung cancer, the Environmental Protection Agency estimates that over 20,000 people die from radon-induced lung cancer every year in the US. So, radon can impact your health.

Myth 2 – Radon Cannot Be Fixed in All Homes

Radon issues in any home can be fixed by installing a radon mitigation system and sealing gaps and cracks through which radon may seep into your home.

Myth 3 – Radon Tests Are Costly and Time-Consuming

Generally, testing your home for radon begins with a short-term, affordable test that takes only 2-4 days, saving you time and money. Depending on the test results, the professionals will determine if any further test is required.

Myth 4 – Radon Affects Only Some Homes and Regions

As the radon gas forms naturally in the ground depending on the soil and atmospheric conditions, construction materials, and foundation rigidity, no homes or regions can be completely secure against it.

Myth 5 – Everyone Must Test Their Water for Radon

A water radon test is usually not needed for those who receive water from a public water source, as the water supplier should conduct a radon test before supplying water. If you receive water from a private source, you may want to test it for radon. However, it is advisable to first test the air in your home for radon, as airborne radon is more dangerous than waterborne radon.

Myth 6 – Testing for Radon After Living in the Home for Many Years Won’t Make Sense

As prolonged exposure to radon gas can cause lung cancer, it is good to test your home at any time. If the test detects high radon levels, you can take action to protect your health and home.

Myth 7 – Selling Homes That Have Had Radon Issues Is Difficult

A home with radon issues will certainly not attract buyers. However, if the problems are fixed, ensuring the buyer there is no radon it can increase the home's value, helping you close the deal quickly.

Myth 8 – A Neighbor’s Radon Test Is Enough to Detect the Radon Levels at Your Home

No! Radon levels vary from home to home, depending on any factors. So, the only way to detect radon in your home is to test it.

Why Is Testing Your Home for Radon Important?

As radon has no color or smell, you cannot detect its presence without a test. A radon test not only finds out whether your home has a radon problem but also helps you take appropriate measures to reduce the radon levels, preventing related health issues.

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