Easy and Practical Ways to Increase Home Value

Are you looking to sell your home? Your first step in this situation should be to consider the condition of your home and then do a few upgrades accordingly to increase its market value. A well kept home with upgraded features will accelerate the selling process while simultaneously making it attractive and appealing to buyers.

Here are some easy and cost-effective ways to increase your home value:

  1. Tune-Up Your Home Systems

    Potential buyers expect to see a fully-functional HVAC system, so get it tuned up to add value to your home. A simple tune-up can ensure a smooth-running HVAC system.

  2. Power Wash Dirty Siding

    The exterior is the foremost thing prospective buyers will see, so make it look good. You can have a professional power washer come out to clean up the dust and grime that may have accumulated on your home’s siding.

  3. Repair Worn or Broken Blinds

    While enhancing the look of the room, repairing worn or broken blinds will help improve its privacy, control the amount of light entering in, and maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. It also adds a more fresh and vibrant appeal to the room.

  4. Repair Leaky Roof

    Finding water stains running across your ceilings or running down your walls could be from a leaky roof. Hire a professional roofing contractor to identify the source of the leak and get it repaired. A leaky roof that goes unaddressed can lead to mold and mildew growth, resulting in health issues.

  5. Repair Water Damages

    Water damage from poor drainage, overflowing gutters, and leaks can cause corrosion, wet insulation, drainage issues, and damaged foundation. To prevent this, it's best to hire a plumber to fix up the water damage before selling your home.

  6. Improve Curb Appeal

    Some key steps to enhance the curb appeal of your home include:

    • Replacing or repainting your front door
    • Planting flowers in your front yard or hanging plants to your entryway
    • Painting your siding, trim, and window shutters
    • Mowing the lawn and trimming the hedges
    • Cleaning your gutters
    • Updating your outdoor light fixtures

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Hire a Home Inspector

You can hire a professional home inspector to thoroughly inspect all the essential areas and systems inside and outside your home to identify potential defects that can lead to expensive repairs in the future. Scheduling a home inspection will help you understand the condition of your home accurately and act accordingly.

If you are looking to schedule a professional home inspection, contact Worthy Inspections today. Our extensive home inspection will provide you with all the details you need to make an informed decision concerning the areas to upgrade or repairs required to increase your home value.


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