7 Practical Garage Door Maintenance Tips

You access your garage door several times a day. However, garage door maintenance is usually overlooked. Most people don’t even consider it until something goes wrong. Maintaining a garage door is crucial to keep it functioning well for years and to detect any issues that could turn into costly repairs if unattended. Therefore, try to keep up on the maintenance of your garage door.

Here are some helpful garage door maintenance tips

1.Check The Function of Your Garage Door Often

Check for jerky movements and scraping or grating sounds when you open/close the door, as these could indicate defects. Also, ensure your garage door’s pulleys, cables, and springs are symmetrical.

2.Clean the Area around Your Door

Leaving dust or debris around your garage door will build up over time and settle on the door’s mechanisms, causing issues. To avoid this, thoroughly clean the area around your door and unclog your gutters and drainage to prevent water from entering your garage. Also, clean up any clutter, leaves, and debris from outside the door and where the door meets the ground.

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3.Keep Your Door Well-Oiled

While ensuring smooth operations, lubricating your garage door can prevent metal parts from rusting and wear and tear resulting from friction. Therefore, regularly apply oil to your garage door’s hinges, rollers, tracks, opener chain, and springs.

4.Tighten Up Your Door’s Hardware

Your garage door creates vibrations whenever it opens and closes, loosening its hardware. Therefore, regularly tighten up your garage door’s hardware (bolts and roller brackets) to avoid issues resulting from loose parts.

5.Inspect the Pulleys and Cables

Cables and pulleys connected to the bottom roller brackets are crucial for opening and closing the door properly. If they’re frayed or have broken strands, consult a professional to fix them.

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6.Inspect and Replace the Rollers

Inspect the rollers along the edge of your garage door twice a year and replace them if they’re cracked, chipped, or worn. Damaged rollers can make noise and move sporadically, so replace them as soon as possible. Don’t remove the bottom roller brackets from either door side because they’re attached to lift high-tension cables.

Spring is the best time to clean your garage door and wipe away the layers of salt and dirt that might have accumulated on it during winter. It is also a great time to thoroughly analyze your door for defects and get quick, professional help if any repairs are needed before they worsen.

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