How to Get Ready for a Pre-Listing Home Inspection

As a seller, you will benefit from a pre-listing home inspection since it allows you to understand the condition of your home from a home inspection viewpoint before listing. You can make any necessary repairs that would normally be called out on the buyer's inspection.  You can also provide prospective buyers a full disclosure of any issues preventing surprises while the sale is pending. Getting a pre-listing inspection report before you put your house on the market improves the chances of a simple, quick sales process. 

Here are some tips to prepare for a pre-listing home inspection if you plan to sell your house

Be Prepared with Appropriate Documents

Set out any receipts or other paperwork related to recent home improvements or new furnishings before the inspection.

Set Aside Keys for Outbuildings and Electrical Boxes

The keys to all outdoor structures should be separated, labeled, and kept in a visible spot within your home. Also, unlock the covers for sprinkler systems and electrical boxes and leave the remote control to the garage door opener.

Ensure That Every Space Is Accessible

Reexamine your property and prioritize accessibility as you get ready for the inspection. Ensure the inspector has access to every closet, electrical panel, furnace, water heater, attic, crawl space, and any other exterior structures like garages, sheds, or other buildings. Ensure that the property is accessible to the home inspector at all times.

Leave the House

Now that you’ve finished all your tasks, plan to leave the house with your family for at least three hours during the inspection. Although it's preferable to bring your pets along, if you can't, make sure they are properly restrained.

Get Ready for Inspection Day

Take a moment to unwind now that you are ready for the inspection. The home inspector will likely find some issues, but rest easy that you can address them before listing your house for sale. 

Having a clear idea of your home's condition and speeding up the process by getting a pre-listing home inspection done will give you peace of mind when you enter the pricing phase. Get in touch with our professionals at Worthy Home Inspections right away to schedule a pre-listing home inspection or for more information on inspection contingencies and other aspects of the home inspection process.


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