6 Reasons to Insulate Your Home for Winter

6 Reasons to Insulate Your Home for Winter

While lack of insulation will not impact your home’s appearance, it can be an expensive problem. Insufficient or wet insulation causes excessive heat loss, mold or mildew growth, frozen pipes, and ice dams during the winter. Therefore, insulating your home will help you stay comfortable throughout winter and get ready for the spring and the rest of the year.

Here are some reasons why you should insulate your home for winter:

    Lower Energy Bills and Energy Consumption

    Insulation will keep your home warm throughout winter and spring by causing no heat loss. If your home remains warmer, you do not need to turn on the heater many times, which will help you save some cash on your utility bills.

    Snow Makes Everything More Difficult

    Due to temperatures being closer to the freezing point in spring than winter, snow tends to be wetter and heavier during this time and tends to melt faster. Snowfall on the sidewalk, yard, driveway, and roof can make it difficult for your insulation to work properly, causing water damage or mildew, or algae growth. Therefore, make sure to regularly clear off the snow in these places in the winter and early spring seasons.

    Protection Against Freezing Pipes and Flooding

    Proper insulation can keep a pipe closer to the temperature of the water inside the pipe, reducing freezing. Insulating your basement will minimize heat loss through the foundation, provide protection against moisture intrusion, and reduce the potential for condensation, so water, melting snow, and ice will not pool in your basement, preventing basement flooding. Many people rely on furnaces and heating systems to keep their homes warm. However, if by any chance the furnace stops operating or is unable to warm up your home evenly, your basements will be vulnerable to flooding.

    Prevents Mold and Damage

    Improper attic insulation will encourage mold growth. Your roof will begin to form cracks and holes due to aging. If this is not fixed on time, the wood in your roof’s structure will rot and cause mold growth. Adding an extra layer of insulation will create a barrier, keeping unwanted water out of your roof, thus preventing mold growth. Additionally, it's simpler to replace old and worn-out insulation compared to completely replacing your roof.

    Increased Comfort

    Insulating your home will keep it temperature-compatible so you can stay cozy and comfortable. It will maintain a comfortable temperature throughout your house. Adding insulation will also decrease the sound that travels from floor to floor or outside to inside, keeping your home quieter.

    Healthier Home

    Molds can cause minor and major health complications such as coughs, headaches, chronic bronchitis, asthma, and other respiratory illnesses. However, adding insulation will keep pollutants and allergens out of your home, preventing these illnesses.

Whether you want to keep your home temperature-compatible, energy-efficient, healthier, or comfortable, adding insulation is a way to go. If you wish to have a professional home inspection to check whether your home is properly insulated, Contact Worthy Home Inspection today.

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