8 Key Things Your Home Inspector Wishes You Knew

Buying a home is a huge investment, so usually, buyers may want to schedule an inspection to understand the property’s current condition and existing problems that could turn into costly repairs in the future. However, some issues identified during the inspection process could perhaps terminate the deal. To avoid this, being aware of what to expect from a home inspection is crucial.


A home inspector also wants both homeowners and prospective buyers to know the following things to prevent closing delays.

1. Home Inspectors Must Be Impartial

Hire a certified and trustworthy home inspector who will report every issue they identify rather than being influenced by others’ opinions or personal feelings. After getting the report, buyers may seek another professional’s opinion regarding the discovered issues.

2. Look out for Water Damage

Water damage, including drainage issues, water-stained ceilings, and a wet basement may break the deal. Therefore, be sure to address water-related damages as soon as possible.

3. Consider Material Defects

A home inspector will usually report material defects and not all cosmetic issues they discover. All critical systems of the home will be inspected and tested. Be aware of what your home inspector prioritizes in the home inspections and act accordingly.

4. Sellers Should Call for an Inspection

Home inspectors suggest sellers to schedule a home inspection before listing their homes for sale. A home inspection will help prevent minor issues from turning into a deal-breaker.

5. Home Inspectors Are Not Forecasters

A home inspector can examine your roof and electrical systems to determine whether they are in good shape and function well. However, they cannot exactly determine how many years they will continue to perform well.

6. Know What Home Inspectors Look for

Home inspections can be an extensive process, so knowing what elements are generally inspected will help you stayed prepared. A home inspector will usually examine your plumbing systems, foundation, water heaters, electrical systems, roof, doors, windows, decks, railings, foundation, etc. They will also inspect your home’s construction, water-related damages, and missing structures.

7. Know What Isn’t Included in an Inspection

A home inspector will not examine environmental hazards (asbestos and lead) and anything hidden inside the wall (including leaks). Some inspection companies may offer additional services for an extra fee, so instead of assuming what’s included, ask the home inspector.

8. Home Inspection Is Key

Without a home inspector, you may not be able to know the exact condition of your home or components that may need repairs. Therefore, don’t proceed to sell or buy a home without conducting an inspection.

Bonus Tip: Be Honest with Your Prospective Buyers

Homeowners should be transparent with buyers concerning any potential issues. If the issue they try to hide is revealed by the home inspector, the buyer will likely ask them to fix it. The buyer may also worry about what other problems may be lurking, thus ending up reconsidering the deal.

Scheduling a home inspection can help sellers prepare for a home sale and ensure that buyers are aware of the maintenance issues that may affect the property’s value. Contact us today at Worthy Home Inspections to schedule a professional home inspection that includes a thorough inspection of your property and an unbiased report.


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