Pre-Listing Inspection: How It Helps You Sell Your Home

Pre-Listing Inspection: How It Helps You Sell Your Home

A pre-listing inspection of your home gives you a great advantage because it helps you understand the condition of the home before you get any buyers involved. Not only will a pre-listing inspection identify potential defects, giving you the opportunity to make repairs before the buyer’s inspection, but it is also a great selling tool!

Pre-Listing Inspection 

A pre-listing inspection is a vital step in the home selling process and helps you sell your home quickly, in a hassle-free approach, while preventing closing delays.

Let's go over why more and more sellers are choosing to have a pre-listing inspection and how it helps pave the way to a quick sale:

It saves you time and money

Getting an inspection before you list your home will give you the opportunity to make any needed repairs. The cost you put into repairs before listing will be significantly less than repair costs that are negotiated with buyers. You will also spend less time caught up in the lengthy back-and-forth discussions that are often the result of a buyer’s inspection.

It validates your price

With a pre-listing inspection of your home, you have a much better understanding of it’s condition; therefore, you can price it accordingly. You may be able to price your home slightly higher if you discover that your home is in great condition. A pre-listing inspection validates your listing price and helps you feel confident that, based on the condition of your home, you're asking for the best price. It also helps the buyers know the true condition of your home, which in turn makes them feel reassured of what they see is what they'll get. Hence, it strengthens your home's selling power.

Helps close on time

As mentioned before, a pre-listing inspection prevents last-minute surprises and assists in a hassle-free sale of your home by considerably reducing the renegotiation phase and the possibility of a buyer back-out. With a pre-listing inspection, you are helping ensure closing the sale when expected, which can be a huge relief and help with planning your move.

It increases trust between you and the potential buyer

By now, we all know that a pre-listing inspection helps you understand the condition of your home before any buyers get involved. Therefore, it proves that you are being upfront about the state of your home by fully disclosing it’s condition and ultimately increasing trust between you and the potential buyers. Having trust between both parties ensures a smooth transaction and an overall pleasant experience.

Worthy Inspection Services located in Ellensburg, WA provides un-biased and professional pre-listing inspections of homes. If you want to request a pre-listing inspection for your home, contact us today and get your report delivered the same day as your inspection.


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