Should I Get Home Inspection After Remodeling?

It is worth getting a home inspection as it helps determine as it helps determines the exact condition of the property and any flaws that could turn into major repairs in the future. However, is it needed post-remodeling? Most homeowners skip the home inspection on their newly built spaces, as they think they are new and have been constructed to their requirements and even under their supervision, so they will be good enough. Nevertheless, whether or not a home inspection after remodeling is required will depend on various factors. Continue reading to learn more.

What Is the Size of Your Renovation?

A simple renovation like enhancing your kitchen or bathroom probably won’t require inspection, especially if it is done by a licensed contractor and your home is relatively new. However, in case of a big renovation, either be it adding a deck or converting your basement into living space, an inspection is necessary to ensure the additions are up to standard and safe.

Errors and negligence are quite common in large projects because of the involvement of many workers and subcontractors, so if one person is right, the other could make mistakes. It is best to schedule an inspection to ensure everything is up to par. If the renovation has issues, you can ask your contractor for a rework to correct the issues, saving your time and money that would otherwise be spent on future repairs.

What Will the Inspector Look for?

Home inspection performed post-renovation is not the same as the one performed before buying the house, where the property is inspected from scratch, including the doors and windows, electrical and plumbing systems, foundation, roof, attic, etc.

However, the inspection post-remodeling only inspects whether or not the renovated portions meet the standard building codes without considering the quality of work done. The renovation will usually pass the inspection if it has met all the standard construction guidelines and the materials used are up to code.

Were All the Necessary Permits Received for the Project?

Generally, licensed contractors will get plan and project approvals from the local building department before beginning the renovation. Once they get the approval and the renovation begins, the building department will issue permits for other works related to remodeling, including plumbing, roofing, electrical, installing fire systems, framing, etc.

Once these are done, the contractor will schedule an inspection with the department’s inspector, who will check whether the work adheres to current codes, and if it does, they will sign the permit card, allowing the project to continue. However, if they find any flaws or substandard work, they will ask for rework and schedule another inspection.

If an authorized person inspects the renovation during construction, you may not need to get it re-inspected post-construction. However, the building department inspector’s report may not always be accurate. So, scheduling a home inspection is a good practice to ensure the renovation is standard and has met all local codes.

While you can skip a home inspection after remodeling, it is not wise to do so. The inspection costs are worth ensuring your safety as well as of those who live in your home.

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