The Hidden Danger in Your Home: Radon Gas Testing Explained

As a homeowner, radon testing should be essential to your maintenance routine. Radon is a radioactive gas, and breathing in a highly concentrated environment can lead to lung cancer. A study by the World Health Organization states that the radon level is relatively high within houses. That's why doing radon testing in your home becomes crucial. 

In this blog, we will discuss radon testing, its importance, its types, and how professional support can help you ensure effective control of radon in your home. 

What Is Radon and How It Enters Your House

The primary source of radon in your home is the natural decay of uranium, which is present in nearly all soils. The gas developed with this decay gets trapped in the structure of the building through tiny cracks or gaps and builds up in the air. The only way to control this formation is by increasing the airflow, sealing cracks and holes, or doing radon testing. 

Types of Radon Testing

You can't completely eliminate radon gas in your house, but you can control it. Here are some testing measures that can help you keep your home safe.

Short-Term Testing:

Short Term Testing is the quickest way to test. Appliances like electric ion chambers, charcoal detectors, and liquid scintillation detectors are used for testing but can only tell the results based on the readings during the testing period. 

Long-Term Testing:

A long-term test includes electret detectors and AARST/NRPP certified monitors, giving you a year-round average radon level. 

Testing your Home for Radon Gas

During any radon testing procedure, it is essential to position the testing devices in the lowest livable section of the residence. These devices capture hour-by-hour readings of radon gas levels within the house. 

The measurements can effectively represent the radon gas concentration throughout the entire dwelling by placing the testing devices in the lowest habitable area, such as a basement or ground floor. It is crucial because radioactive radon can seep into homes through cracks and gaps in the foundation or other entry points. As a result, it tends to accumulate in lower areas of the house.

To obtain the most reliable data, following the specified timeframe for closure before and after testing is necessary. It stabilizes radon levels within the home and minimizes potential interference from external factors. By maintaining closed conditions, the accuracy of the measurements can be maximized, ensuring an accurate evaluation of radon gas presence and potential risks associated with prolonged exposure.

Importance of Performing a Radon Test

Radon can't be seen or smelt; testing is the only way to identify its presence. There are several options for adequately doing a test; you can either do a self-test using kits or hire a certified testing agency.

Hiring professional support for radon testing is always a good idea, as you will get proper guidance and accurate results. 

Get Your Home Radon Tested with Professional Assistance

The benefits of radon testing are clear: it protects our health and home. By regularly testing, we can make informed decisions about mitigation measures, seek professional expertise, and ultimately create a home free from the silent threat of radon. Worthy Inspection Services is the best solution to cater to your need for home radon testing. Our team of experienced professionals ensures instant service and results. Contact us  to get your home radon tested today.


How reliable is radon testing?

Radon measurement systems provide accurate information about the radon level in their home. 

What is the ideal radon level in your home?

The ideal radon level for your home is <2Pci/L.

What is the recommended action level for radon?

Over 4Pci/L is the recommended action level by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

How long will the radon take?

The test will take 48 hours. 


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