Who Can Attend a Home Inspection?

A home inspection needs to be done when you are buying a home. It reveals the home's flaws that can be considered a significant problem, safety hazard, or a simple fix. A home inspection will let you know the exact condition of the home and if there are issues that can lead to expensive repairs or damages in the future. Overall, it helps you make the right decision concerning buying the home.

Who Attends a Home Inspection?

While the home inspection is important, you need to know who all can attend a home inspection. Different people have different thoughts regarding who should attend the home inspection. Some people say only buyers need to be present during the inspection, whereas some believe that sellers should also attend the inspection.

The Seller

The seller has the right to be at the inspection, as it is their property. However, since the buyer pays for the inspection, they can decide whether the seller can attend the inspection or not. The buyer may think that they cannot have a private conversation with the home inspector and other professionals if the seller attends the inspection.

Also, the seller may try to convince the buyer or divert the inspectors from doing their work. Sometimes, the seller’s listing agent may attend the inspection instead of them.

The Buyer

The buyer needs to attend the home inspection because it is their chance to understand the actual condition of the home. They can also ask questions about what is found during the inspection, how the home’s various systems work, and what needs to be done for repairs and improvements.

If the buyer is unable to attend the inspection, the buyer’s agent can be present.

A Home Inspection Should Be Well-Coordinated

Generally, the home inspection is coordinated by real estate agents. However, who attends a home inspection may vary depending on the circumstances. The buyer or buyer’s agent should be present until the inspection is completed.

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