Terms and Conditions


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Worthy Inspection Services, LLC (inspection company) agrees to conduct an inspection at (location specified by client).

The inspection being performed is for the purpose of identifying (client) to the major defects to the condition of the property. The inspection and report are preformed and prepared for the confidential and exclusive use of the client. Client agrees to pay inspection company for the inspection report the amount agreed upon and payable by the end of inspection date.

Scope Of Inspection

The inspection will be performed in accordance with InterNACHI and Washington State Standards of Practice 308-408C standards and licensing requirements. You can find the SOP at, http://www.nachi.org/sop.htm

The home inspection performed is a non-invasive, visual examination. The inspection performed is designed to inspect and report on the items exposed to view and readily accessible at time of inspection. A written inspection report will include a complete evaluation of the following: Exterior: Windows, doors, exterior wall coverings, protective coatings and sealants, structural attached porches, decks, steps, handrails, eaves, soffits, visible exterior portions of the chimney, and walkways. Heating and air conditioning systems: Auxiliary heating and cooling units, heating unit, distribution systems, controls, chimney and ventilation. Electrical: Service drop through the main panel, subpanels, branch circuits, and lighting fixtures. Roof: Roof materials. Protective coatings and sealants around vents and other roof components, downspouts and gutter systems. Plumbing: Visible components including water supply lines, vent lines, faucets, fixtures, and hot water system. Interior: Walls, ceilings, floors, doors, windows, steps, and stairways. Fireplaces: Fuel and gas fireplaces, and dampers. Ventilation and insulation: Ventilation components and systems, type and condition of insulation where visible in inspected areas. Built in appliances: Operation of appliance under normal circumstances.

Exclusions And Limitations

The home inspection does not include identifying defects that are hidden behind; walls, wall coverings, floors, floor coverings, or ceilings. This includes but is not limited to; wiring, structure, plumbing that are hidden or inaccessible. The home inspection may not determine or discover defects due to changes in weather conditions. The inspection is not intended to provide the client with any information regarding the advisability or inadvisability of the purchase of the property; the market value of the property; the compliance or non-compliance with building codes, ordinances and statutes; requirements or restrictions; the life expectancy of any component or system of the property; the cause of the need of repair, methods, materials and costs of corrections. The inspection does not include the calculations of strength, adequacy, efficiency or prediction of any component or system.

The inspector will not operate any system of component that is shut down or otherwise inoperable, including one that does not respond to normal operating procedures. The inspector will not operate any heating, cooling, or other systems when weather conditions or other circumstances may cause damage to equipment.

The following items are not part of the inspection, including but not limited to: Pools, spas, hot tubs, or equipment related to them; refrigeration units; water filtration units; security systems; services or equipment related to telecommunications; timers or self-cleaning; central vacuum systems; solar power systems; lighting arrestors; septic fields; fuel tanks or any other underground or concealed systems; detached buildings or garages; heat exchangers. Unless paid and additional fee and the specific item is noted and initialed by both you and the inspector on this agreement, the following items are also excluded from this agreement and not within the scope of the inspection service. Wells; septic systems; mold, mildew, fungus; detached buildings or equipment; hazards including but not limited to; asbestos, radon, lead, formaldehyde, electromagnetic fields, wood destroying organisms and fungal rot. The inspection agreement, or inspection report do not constitute type of warranty, insurance policy or guarantee of any kind. All utility services must be turned on to perform the inspection. Therefore, you agree not to hold inspection company responsible for failure or repair of any non-discovery or latent defects in material, workmanship, or any condition of the property which may occur after the inspection date. You assume all the risk for conditions concealed from view or inaccessible at time of inspection. Dispute resolution: In the event that the client has any disputes relating to this agreement, or services provided by the inspector. Notice shall be sent in writing, within 10 days of inspection date, to give the inspection company or its representatives a reasonable opportunity to re-inspect and document the condition in dispute. In addition, if the inspection company determines that the client has a legitimate dispute, client will provide inspection company or representatives, the opportunity to resolve the issue.

Limitation Of Liability

If we our employees, or inspectors, are careless or negligent in performing the inspection or preparing the report, the client is limited to a refund of the fee paid for the inspection report, and you release the inspection company any additional liability. We have no responsibility of the possibility you lost the opportunity to renegotiate with seller. There will be no recovery for secondary or consequential damages by any person. This contract represents the entire agreement between the inspection company and the client. The inspection company is not liable for the repair, replacement, or alteration within or upon the inspected property. Additionally, the home inspection company is not liable for any misleading information provided by the seller for any matter concealed or hidden from the inspector.

Provisions: our fees are based on a single visit to the property in preparation to the written report. An additional fee will be charged for any additional visits or services are required of inspection company for any reason.