5 Common Household Problems You Can Solve Before They Become Costly

5 Common Household Problems You Can Solve Before They Become Costly

Given the fact that your home is your primary investment, it’s essential for you to fix things that break in your house. Imagine having to pay a huge amount of money for home repairs, that you could have easily taken care of for much less.

most common home inspection problems

Fortunately, with routine home maintenance inspections and minor repairs, you can avoid most of the big-ticket home repairs. Here are 5 common household problems you can easily fix before they become costly.

1. Plumbing Leak Issues

Home maintenance inspections will help you detect minor plumbing leaks that require an immediate fix to prevent water from finding its way through the walls and floors of your house. This will also prevent problems like mold growth, which can cause considerable damage to your home in the long run. In addition, repairing your home plumbing leaks will help you save an average of 10% on your water bill.

2. Unsealed Shower Grout

Openings in shower grouts can also trigger significant water penetration in the backside of showers, encouraging potential mold growth in your home. This mold development can cause wood rot in the structural set up of the house. You can get relief from the hassles of potential structural repairs by getting your tiles grouted and sealed.

3. Furnace-Filter Issues

It’s important to get your furnace filters thoroughly inspected. It not only prolongs the unit’s life but also saves money on your monthly bills. Your home inspector will recommend cleaning dirty filters and inspect it for damages. You might need to replace your filter to get your furnace at maximum efficiency.

4. Clogged and Sagging Gutters

Your gutters and drains are intended to direct water away from the home's foundation to protect the structural integrity of the home. Gutters should be unblocked and free of damage to function correctly. Luckily for you, gutter problems are pretty easy to fix. Have your gutters professionally inspected and cleaned annually. Ensure that leaks and holes in the gutters are properly sealed.

5. Chipped and Faded Paint

Paint helps prevent water from damaging the physical components underneath. It’s important to have areas with cracked, shedding, or peeling paint inspected by home inspection professionals to identify any underlying issue and get it fixed on time. The longer you overlook the repainting of your home, the larger the chances of severe water or pest-induced damage to your home.


Proactive maintenance is necessary to prevent minor home problems from becoming big issues. It also helps to maintain your property’s value and keeps your family safe. Consider getting regular home maintenance inspection by trusted professionals. We offer comprehensive home inspection services that will be beneficial for your house today and in the future. To learn more regarding the services offered by us or to schedule a professional home inspection of your property, contact us today at 509-307-8493!


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