Selling Your Home: 5 Things to Do Before Selling Your House

Selling Your Home: 5 Things to Do Before Selling Your House

Many homeowners schedule a pre-listing home inspection when they are thinking about selling their property. Home inspections help them know the exact condition of their home and if there are issues that can lead to expensive repairs the buyer may ask to be done.

If you want to attract potential buyers, here are a few essential things to do before selling a house:

  • Clean the Gutters and Check the Roof

Cracks or leaks in your roof can be a sign of wet insulation, corrosion, or rotting wood. The consequences of general wear and tear and weather can lead to water infiltration. Regular roof inspections help you identify these issues before they become a bigger problem.

Overflowing gutters can damage your home’s foundation and lead to drainage issues, causing expensive repairs. Check and clean the gutters regularly to make sure they collect and direct water away from your property.

  • Keep Up the Yard and Walkways

Keep your yard and walkways clean and attractive to create the best first impression. Remove dead tree limbs, flowerbeds, and fallen leaves from your yard and walkways. Maintain flowers and shrubs, trim the grass, and have clear boundaries between your home and your neighbor’s property. These can enhance the curb appeal of your home.

  • Clean Chimneys and Fireplaces

Unclean chimneys and fireplaces can pose a safety hazard. Especially, a buildup of creosote can be dangerous, as it can cause skin irritation, unconsciousness, and chemical burns around the eyes. Make sure to clean your chimney or fireplace at least once a year.

  • Keep the Critters and Insects Out

Critters and insects can cause allergies and respiratory problems, so you must keep them out of your house. Check your windows or vents for any holes or gaps and seal them off with mesh or caulk. Use gutter guards and put some mesh on the chimney to keep insects out. Make sure your yard is free of food wastes as they can attract critters. Hire professional pest inspection service if you notice some kind of pest infestation in and around your home.

  • Schedule a Home Inspection

Schedule a professional home inspection before selling your home. A home inspection will let you know about potential problems and safety hazards in the home that may impact your sale. If you know the problems, you can fix them quickly and accelerate your sale.

Contact Worthy Home Inspections to schedule a professional home inspection. We will inspect your home and provide an unbiased report.

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