Home Inspection Checklist for Buying a Used Manufactured Home

Home Inspection Checklist for Buying a Used Manufactured Home

If you are thinking of buying a used manufactured home, you should first consider getting it reviewed by a home inspector.

A manufactured home inspection can confirm if everything is in working condition and meets the safety regulations. This will help you avoid future problems with your used manufactured home.

Home Inspection Checklist for Used Manufactured Homes

Modern-day manufactured homes have come a long way from traditional manufactured dwellings of the past in terms of design, structure, and energy efficiency. Manufactured homes refer to houses built in factories in compliance with HUD federal building codes.

Here is a useful checklist that will ensure that you purchase the right manufactured home for your family.

Foundation – Check for sinking or tilting piers that may be pulling away from the manufactured home structure. Tie-down straps can also become loose.

Doors and Windows – Manufactured home doors and windows can become misaligned with the settling of the home foundation. This will prevent them from proper closing or latching.

Roof – Roofs frequently develop leaks, especially in case of older manufactured homes with metal rooftops.

Leaks – Water damage from leaks commonly occur around the edges of the roof, windows, and plumbing. Areas around sinks, toilets and tub showers are frequently affected, besides subfloor damage.

Ceilings –Many manufactured homes having panels rather than drywall can get deeply affected by leaks. Also, finding identical panels and installing them can also be challenging.

Plumbing – Polybutylene pipes used in many older homes are considered notorious for bursting after becoming degraded from the inside out.

Wiring – Owner added additions and structures could cause wiring problems where the wiring has been extracted from the original electrical panel.

Homeowner Built Additions – An addition to a manufactured home structure which isn’t built correctly can cause damage to the roof, foundation, walls, and electrical system of the home.

HVAC – HVAC system settings that may have been altered by previous owners need to be reviewed.

Insulation – Under the floor insulation in manufactured homes can be extremely tricky. This can lead to frequent damage to other components in the house.

Washer Drains, and Dryer Vents – Draining and venting systems are often located directly below the manufactured home making it underlying issues more common.

Damaged Skirting – Skirting helps to keep the area beneath the home dry and critter free. It shouldn’t have holes or gaps but should ensure proper venting to prevent mold and rot.

A manufactured home’s inspection checklist will most likely include some items that aren’t covered in a standard inspection. Use this checklist to ensure complete peace of mind for yourself during the purchase of your used manufactured home.

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