Top 5 Household Problems Resulting from Clogged Gutters

Top 5 Household Problems Resulting from Clogged Gutters

You may understand the significance of inspecting the foundation or maintaining the landscape, but what about your gutters? People usually avoid inspecting or cleaning their clogged gutters because they consider it a messy, slippery, or risky work climbing up and down. Clogged gutters may appear as a minor problem, but can cause silent damage that turns into an expensive repair for homeowners.

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What Types of Damage Can Clogged Gutters Cause?

Here are the 5 main types of damages that arise from clogged gutters:

1. Roof Damage

If water accumulates in your gutters, the sides of your roof covering and the underlying materials (mostly the wood sheeting) can get damaged by the continuous contact with water. This results in the decaying of the wood and surface material due to rotting. Eventually, the surface and the wood beneath will need to be replaced.

2. Wood Fascia Damage

Sitting water in gutters is a big problem, which can cause the gutter attachments to detach from the wood fascia it is connected to and damage the wood. Also, water spilling over the sides of gutters and over the wood fascia boards will trigger the wood to rot and wear out as well.

3. Damage to Windows, Doors, Walls, and Patios

If gutters and downspouts are not equipped to perform their job efficiently, then water that scatters over the border of the gutter will drop onto walls, window frames, doors and other surfaces below it. This is harmful to the health of your home because the excess water contact will cause these parts to rot, warp, and weaken.

4. Damage to Foundations and Landscaping

Your home foundation supports the entire structure of your house. Excess water contact can result in leaking, shifting, cracking, or even sinking of the foundation. Clean gutters and downspouts divert water away from your home and foundation to locations where it can easily get absorbed into the land or drainage system. Your landscaping is also at the receiving end when this extra water drops down on trees, plants, and flowers.

5. Slippery Walkway and Driveway

With clogged gutters, water will descend in several undesired places. This can lead to tricky situations where water may fall from the clogged gutter overhead onto a walkway, entry, or driveway. Clean gutters and downspouts keep the water away from your home and walkways and help to make your home as ‘slip-free’ as possible.

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What Damage Can Leaking Gutters Cause?

Leaking gutters can be an expensive matter for homeowners as it presents a considerable threat, especially to your foundation. Gutters work to divert water away from your windows, siding, foundation, and other vulnerable parts of your home. On the other hand, a leaking gutter causes water to pool on your foundation, and other exposed places in your home, causing damage.

Can Clogged Gutters Cause Mold?

If clogged gutters are pushing runoff underneath the sides of your home and the water is penetrating the basement, there’s a high risk for mold. A clogged drain also can let overflow to leak into the attic, where the moisture and water raise the risk for mold and wood rot.

How Do I Stop My Gutters from Overflowing?

  • Regularly clean your gutters to get rid of leaves, branches, and other debris that may accumulate over time.
  • Flow water through your drains until tiny debris and dirt are dislodged from the downspouts.
  • You may set-up a guttering system with leaf guards to stop leaves and debris from clogging your drains again.
  • Adjust the gutter's position so that the guttering system can efficiently channel water from your drains down to the downspouts.

As homeowners, it’s hard to keep track of every little thing. Hiring home inspection professionals and gutter cleaning services are some cost-effective ways to maintain your home in tip-top shape throughout.


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