What Are the Most Common Home Inspection Mistakes Made By Buyers and Sellers

Buyers may call for a home inspection to understand the property’s current condition and existing issues that may need repairs in the future. However, some things can really mess up a home inspection. Homeowners and buyers should be aware of these mistakes to prevent closing delays.

1. Faulty or Nonfunctioning Utilities

Home inspectors check all the utilities in your property, including the HVAC system, the dishwasher irrigation system, etc. If one or more appliances or systems cannot be inspected because they cannot be switched on, they will be reported as utilities that could not be evaluated properly.

2. Unable to Access Important Areas

Assessing all house areas, including roofs, attic and crawl spaces, windows, doors, walls, etc., is vital to perform a proper home inspection. Therefore, to help a home inspector thoroughly evaluate all parts of your house, remove boxes, furniture, bookcases, piled up clutter, and anything blocking access to such areas.

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3. Buyers Fail to Attend Inspection

Buyers should be present at the home inspection to learn about the findings of the home, including its overall condition, whereabouts of plumbing and electrical systems, the state of the foundation, etc. You can also learn about any issues that can escalate into costly repairs in the next few years and act accordingly.

Therefore, try to be present during the inspection to understand better the property you’ll be purchasing. If you cannot be present during the entire inspection, you should be present during the last 30 minutes. You can utilize this time to talk to the inspector about any present or potential issue they found in the house.

4. Buyers Misunderstand the Purpose of the Inspection

Some buyers don’t realize that a home inspection is intended to analyze the overall liveability and condition of the property rather than finding aesthetic defects like stains on the carpet, smudge on the wall, etc. A home inspector will consider any flaws and structural errors that could significantly impact the functionality of the home’s major systems.

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5. Buyers Review the Service Agreement

The service agreement is a legal contract between a buyer and a home inspector. It explains the service terms and that the buyer understands them and agrees to pay for those services upon completion.

The buyer should read, sign, and return the contract to the inspector before the inspection. Otherwise, it may cause a delay in getting the written report, as home inspectors don’t release the report until the agreement is signed and returned.

A home inspection is one of the most important steps of the selling process. As a seller, your best bet is to schedule a pre-listing inspection with us at Worthy Home Inspections. A pre-listing inspection identifies defects and issues beforehand, giving you enough time to make repairs, thus helping you show the best face of your home.


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