7 Things to Include in Your Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

As a homeowner, in the fall you should prep for the approaching winter months to prevent costly damage to your property from the cold weather. That way, you can have peace of mind and get cozy in knowing that your home and property are properly secured and ready for winter.

Be a step ahead in preparing your home for winter by following this fall home maintenance checklist.

  1. Gutters and Downspouts

    • Neglected gutters can become damaged and also give rise to problems of wood rot and pest infestations. Ensure frequent gutter and downspout cleaning to prevent the piling-up of leaves and other debris throughout the fall.

    • Ensure that water is not seeping out from behind the gutters and that all support brackets are firmly in place.

    • Also, check whether water drains properly without pooling. Pooling can result in damage to foundations, driveways, and walkways.

  2. Windows and Doors

    • Consider cold weather curtains to help insulate and keep your home warm.

    • Install weather-stripping or lining around the frames of windows and doors. This helps to seal air leaks in your home to increase winter warmth and cut energy costs.

    • Inspect and repair damaged frames around windows and doors.

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  3. Heating Systems

    • Change your furnace filter.
    • Get your heating system inspected by a heating professional to ensure optimal performance and detect minor problems before they become considerably expensive repairs.

    • Clean your ducts to enhance your heating system’s output as well as to decrease household dust and to offer relief to individuals with respiratory problems.

  4. Plumbing

    • Check your pipes to ensure that they are adequately insulated for preventing potential freezing and bursting of pipes.

    • Learn how to find and turn off the water shut-off valve if pipes become frozen.

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  5. Chimney and Fireplace

    • Hire professional services for annual inspection and cleaning of your chimney and fireplaces to prevent dangerous chimney fires.

    • Check your fireplace vent to make sure it’s tightly sealed when closed.

  6. Attic ventilation

    • Make sure to exclude the vents in the roof space from attic insulation for preventing winter ice dams on the roof.

    • Check that the vents, ridge and attics and are free from plants and debris.

    • Inspect any bird and rodent screens for attic openings to restrict the entry of intruders.

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  7. Landscape and Yardwork

    • Trim your trees and shrubs once the leaves coil to encourage healthy growth.

    • Prune any tree limbs that are in close vicinity to power cables or the roof of your house to prevent the potential risk of damage from heavy snow and ice in the winter.

Homeowners who follow proper fall home maintenance, generally prevent damage to their home and save themselves money in the long run. Having annual home maintenance inspections by professionals will improve the overall health of your home all through the year.

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