5 Common Electrical Issues Found During Home Inspections

A home inspection is vital to identify the potential electrical problems that need to be fixed immediately. While many people attempt to inspect their homes on their own, hiring a professional is recommended. An expert has the right tools and techniques to detect and fix electrical problems before they cause significant damages to your home.

Here are a few electrical issues that can be found during home inspections:

Reversed Polarity

Reverse polarity happens if the neutral wire in your outlet is connected to where the hot wire should be. A small tester is used to determine whether an electric outlet has reverse polarity. Small appliances will work even if the outlet has reverse polarity. However, it is still recommended to correct the problem as it may result in shock or damage to an electronic device.

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Improperly Wired Switches

This is one of the most common home inspection electrical issues a professional will detect. People who try to do wiring on their own or hire someone who has basic electrical skills will often use reverse polarity when wiring an outlet or switch. Improper installation happens when the neutral and hot wires get flipped around, which can pose a shock hazard. Hire a professional to correct it.

Double-Tapped Circuit Breakers

This happens when two or more hot wires are connected to a single circuit breaker. Most circuit breakers are designed for single wires only, so connecting two or more wires can result in loose connections, fire, and arcing. A professional can correct it by adding an extra circuit breaker or connecting the wires before the breaker panel.

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Ungrounded Receptacles

Outlets with just two slots and no hole for the ground wire are ungrounded receptacles. It’s a common problem found in old houses. However, the issue of ungrounded receptacles needs to be fixed immediately. In the absence of the ground wire, electricity would be allowed to travel wherever it could find a good conductor, causing arcing, sparks, and fire hazards.

Exposed Wiring and Splices

Exposed wiring and splices can pose a safety or shock concern. In some cases, splices that feature wire nuts or tape may not be installed properly. Due to improper installation, the wire end may become bare and exposed and result in arcing and fire. This problem can be corrected by placing all splices in a junction box or fixture that is designed for splices.

Electrical issues can result in shock, injury, fire, mechanical damage, or damage to an electronic device. However, scheduling regular home inspections with a professional will not only save you from these hazards but will also save you from spending huge money, which may incur if these issues are left ignored.


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