Home Inspections: Debunking 5 Common Myths

Home Inspections: Debunking 5 Common Myths

Perhaps you are already aware of what home inspections are intended for: inspecting the house to reveal any problems in advance. However, you might get confused about certain aspects of professional home inspections and have some misconceptions.

home Inspection myths

Here’s a list of 5 most common myths about home inspections that have been debunked.

Myth 1 - Home Inspections Are Equivalent to Home Appraisals

Truth - The two things are entirely different. An appraiser’s role is to determine the property value on behalf of the lending institution. On the other hand, home inspectors are concerned with the safety of the property and not, necessarily its value.


Myth 2 - Home Inspectors Can Suggest Whether or Not to Purchase a House

Truth – Home inspectors only provide information about the defects in your home rather than advice on whether you should buy the house or not. Your realtor is the person who will give you advice when it comes to purchasing a home.


Myth 3 - You Can Hire Any Home Inspector Regardless of Their Qualifications

Truth - Home inspectors need to meet specific requirements to get their licenses. However, even licensed inspectors have to undergo different levels of training or certification. Therefore, as a buyer, you should do thorough research to find a competent home inspection company.


Myth 4 - Inspectors Will Inspect Every Inch of the Home

Truth - A home inspector’s job is limited to the visual inspection of the main areas of the home. Moreover, they can’t dismantle the systems to review their inner workings, so they simply focus on inspecting the most vital and vulnerable areas in the home.


Myth 5 - Brand-New Homes Don’t Require Inspection

Truth - Sometimes, home builders apply shortcuts to speed up a project or to save money. Having an inspection performed on your brand new home before finalizing the deal by a professional home inspection company will help expose the existing home issues.


The Bottom Line

By learning the truth behind the many home inspection myths, you can make the most out of your home inspection. It always helps to understand what to expect from the inspection.


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