Tips to Identify & Prevent Wood Destroying Organisms

Structural pest inspections are essential to keep your home undamaged. Wood destroying organisms can remain hidden within walls, so it may be difficult to detect them. However, if left untreated, they can cause extensive damage to your home. While many people attempt to address these issues on their own, it is recommended to hire a professional. A professional can detect wood destroying organisms before they cause significant damages.

Read on to learn more about how to detect wood destroying organisms

Signs of Wood destroying organisms

Wood destroying organisms can live inside your home or within your walls for an extended period before being detected. However, these warning signs will help you identify their activity and keep the damage to a minimum.

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Solid Wood That Sounds Hollow

You may have a problem if your walls sound hollow when you tap them with a screwdriver or crumble when you touch them.

Paint That Has Cracked or Bubbled

If wood destroying organisms eat wood directly behind the paint, the coating on the surface or paint will begin to peel or bubble. Sometimes, you may even see frass within the bubble, which is the waste of wood destroying organisms.

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There Are Mud Tubes Outside

Wood destroying organisms can build mud tubes along exterior walls and wooden beams to serve as a bridge between the wood they eat and their colony. The mud tubes are made of small pieces of wood, soil, and debris.

Regular structural pest inspections can ensure there are no wood destroying organisms in your home or detect problems quickly. Therefore, keep looking for the signs to prevent future infestations.


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