How to Identify Early Signs of Foundation Problems

Buying a home is probably the most expensive investment, and we all know that the whole strength of a building lies in its foundation. However, soil instability and weather can affect your home’s foundation over time. Foundation problems can be dangerous and cost you more, fixing them as soon as possible can save you from expensive repairs. Therefore, you should put in every possible effort to protect it.

It may be hard to determine the actual condition of your home’s foundation, but certain signs will help you identify if there are any problems in your home foundation. Here are some early signs to help you detect foundation problems in your home:

1. Cracks on the Foundation, Floors and/or Walls

The cracks on your foundation, floors, and/or walls mean that your foundation could be failing and needs to be inspected. The cracks on your chimney, floors, wall fissures and foundation structure can be caused by several factors such as water damage, soil instability, weather, and concrete shrinkage.

However, not all foundation cracks are dangerous. You probably do not need to worry if the cracks are vertical. Though horizontal cracks may indicate that your foundation has a serious problem, schedule a professional home inspection with an expert if you notice horizontal cracks on your foundation.

2. Doors/Windows Misalignment

Foundation problems may even cause alignment issues in your home’s doors and windows. At first, this misalignment may cause difficulty in opening and closing your windows and doors (the doors may not stick properly). And as the problem becomes worse, you may find that your windows will stick, and doors will not line up enough to close completely.

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3. Uneven Floors

Foundation settlement or heave can cause uneven concrete floors. Uneven floors can be dangerous and pose a safety risk to you and your family. Foundation settling or crawlspace shifting can cause disturbances in the upper-level of your floors. However, if you notice dipping, sagging, or bowing floors, get them inspected by a professional immediately.

4. Tile Cracks

Too many cracks on the tiles in your bathroom, kitchen, hall, and other places can also indicate a foundation problem. Schedule an inspection with an expert as soon as you find cracks on tile.

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5. Nails Are Popping Out

Drywall’s nails can pop out sometimes, which is very common and can be caused by the settling of the house. However, if the problem is widespread, it could be a sign of a foundation problem.

6. A Damp Crawl Space

Dampness and moisture in the crawlspace can indicate a foundation problem. A wet crawlspace can leave a musty, foul odor that you can smell when you are inside your home. Also, it can cause the wooden beams under your house to rot. You may also experience mold and mildew problems if you have a damp crawlspace.

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7. Basement Moisture

Moisture in the basement can cause sagging and uneven floors throughout your house. The cracks on your foundation can help water and moisture to seep in through the basement and cause problems to your flooring.

8. Wet Soil Surrounding Your Foundation

If your foundation is surrounded by wet soil, mold and mildew will begin to grow and can cause health problems to you and your family. To avoid this, grade the soil near your home. Grading will make sure the soil has an adequate slope, which helps water to move away from your foundation. Also, ensure that your gutters are clean and water from your downspouts moves away from your foundation.

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If you notice any of these signs, call a professional to get your foundation inspected and repaired. Getting the foundation inspected by an expert is not only an essential part of foundation maintenance but also helps to prevent the need for expensive repairs or foundation replacement.

Contact Worthy Home Services if you are looking to schedule a home inspection with an expert to identify foundation problems.


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