5 Residential Drainage Problems and How to Fix Them

Finding drainage problems and fixing them when they are small will help you save plenty of money and headaches down the line. Indications of poor drainage include mold and mildew, wood rotting, structural weakening, and foul-smelling odors. Professional home inspection companies can help you detect several hidden structural and functional issues in your home.

Here are 5 of the most common drainage problems occurring in residential properties and their easy fixes.

Overflowing Gutters

Remove debris blocking the water flow. The blockage is often due to fallen leaves and can be corrected with an easy DIY gutter cleaning. Sometimes, the problem may be due to undersized gutter or improperly installed gutters that need to be rectified.

Water Stains in Basements

It usually comes from surface water occurring from an overflowing gutter. If the stain extends nearby the outline of the basement, it may be a hint of a fluctuating water table. Experts may recommend an interior drain system and sump pump to resolve the issue.

Ponding Water

It's normal for water to pool during heavy rains, but it shouldn't last long. Ponding water signals an inadequate drainage system. Several measures can be taken, such as installing French drains, dry wells, sump pumps, or a catch basin drain.

Downspout Issues

You can add gutter extensions which will help the water to fall farther away from the house. Also, adjust the downspouts for water to move to optimal areas of the yard.

Cracks in The Foundation

Consider fixing cracks that are wider than one inch with hydraulic cement or polyurethane caulk. However, you can call an expert to assess the damage if they continue to widen.

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What Causes Drainage Problems?

  • Improperly Installed Downspouts and Gutters
  • Incorrect Grading
  • Run-Off from Neighbors
  • Your Landscaping
  • Roots in your drainage pipes
  • Surface Depressions

What Are the Effects of Poor Drainage System?

Inadequately maintained drainage systems and weak waste management habits can adversely affect our environment in the following ways:

  • Flooding that leads to damage to property, destruction of crops and other plants, and safety hazards.
  • Erosion problems due to which roads get washed away and gullies created as a result of flooding.
  • An environment polluted with stagnant water can expose you to many air and water-borne diseases.

How Can You Maintain a Proper Drainage System?

Here are some simple tips for managing your drainage system efficiently:

  • Unclog Your Drains Regularly
  • Install a Downspout Screen
  • Avoid Putting Rigid Objects into Your Drains
  • Set up a new drainage pipe if an old one is broken

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How to Prevent Drainage Problems

Here are simple things you can do to ensure your drainage system operates effectively and efficiently for many years to come.

  • Limit blockages caused by leaves and vegetation
  • Routinely check your drainage systems
  • Give your drain a blast with a power washer
  • Keep entry and exit ports clear
  • Hire a professional home inspection service for a whole house maintenance inspection


Many drainage problems are not very obvious. The above guide will help you understand the signs of poor drainage and help you take the required steps to tackle the issues.

If you want to rule out any risk to your property due to poor drainage in your home, call us today for scheduling a professional home inspection.


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